Look whose back! In London!

Summer is over, and yet here in London it doesn’t feel like it’s already autumn. At least compare to Finland. There has been cold (~+10) for weeks now, and then I arrive here: it’s warm and sunny! Well at nights it gets chilly, but during the days it doesn’t feel like autumn at all (*knocking on the wood*). The difference is that here I can wear dresses without getting cold, but in Finland I was wearing scarves and beanies.

I arrived Tuesday evening to my new accommodation. I was worried it would take ages for me to get out of the Heathrow airport but it went quicker then I expected.


On my way to the accommodation

Next day I already had plans: I had agreed for a job interview as a position for barista at Nordic Bakery. It is located in Marylebone where I used to live. And yet, I had no clue that this place existed! When I arrived I liked the small Scandinavian café and I fell in love with all the pastries, cakes and especially for the cinnamon buns. There’s actually going to be a cinnamon bun week from 28th Sep till 4th Oct in which there’s going to be different kinds of cinnamon buns every day.

I had the interview with a Finnish girl so it was easy to communicate, and I feel it went well. Also I had after that a training in the café. They showed me how to make special coffees (I even was able make a short latte for myself 🙂 ). Quite small area to work in but I managed. Hopefully I get the job because, well, I need money of course, but the staff seemed nice and welcoming, and I would be enjoyed working in there. Excited!


After that I had some time to relax before I went to see a musical: Kinky Boots, with some Finnish girls (who I hadn’t met before). How this happened? Well, since there were so many Finnish girls who would want to meet each other and get to know some Finnish girls living in London, we were able have a whatsapp group for us. Henna had tickets to the musical for 4 of us. Unfortunately she couldn’t make it herself but it was very nice of her to give us the tickets to use. I mean, a musical for free! Can’t say no that! And it was awesome. Definitely worth of seeing it!

I know I haven’t write quite a long time since I was working during the summer in Finland, but I try to catch up and be active in blogging again. Will see how my second year in university is going to be.

P.S. I’m planning to write soon a quick review of my new accommodation compare to my old one at ISH.