“Oh, you’re studying psychology! So, you can read my mind, huh?”


How things are going so far? Well, getting back to study mode is NOT that easy as I thought it would be…

Two weeks has passed since the semester started and I should already be studying for my essay since it’s due on the end of the next month. At least I like the subject we have (compare and contrast the psychodynamic and humanistic approaches to understanding personality), so hopefully that’ll give me motivation to do this essay, and of course I want that essay to be good (no pressure).


I really believe that psychology was the right choice for me to go with, because I really do find it interesting. 🙂 There are 4 modules that I need to study during the year in which I learn about conducting experiments and what kind of research methods there are, different theories about understanding personality (e.g. trait theory) and social psychology, developmental and cognitive psychology, and also biopsychology. And, yes, there is also study skills. So, basically we are discussing about how to be a student as an undergraduate and what kind of useful resources you can use for your studies. And what’s great and new is that that our lectures are recorded so we don’t miss anything important, especially for me with my dyslexia this is really helpful.

I think one of the reasons for adapting to my life here, again, is because I was in Finland for a whole summer, and I met all kinds of fun new people at my job. One of them became my great new friend who is at the moment in Italy as an exchange student. He has promised to visit me in London for some weekend after he goes back to Finland from Italy, and I really do hope so because otherwise I get very upset.


Anyway, after spending the summer in Finland it takes time to learn how to live my life here and organize how things should be done. It’s different here compare to living with your parents where there’s always food and you don’t have to worry about cleaning and laundry. Well, at least I’m not alone here.

I have gotten to know these awesome Finnish ladies, who I’ve spent one of the best nights with them. Sure we Finns know how to have fun. Hope see you more often!


Still haven’t seen the ‘CIF-squad’ (of those who are still in London). I seriously need to figure something out because the plan to meet is always difficult for these people!

But I do have met my ex-roommate, and for my surprise, our friend KC. I’m glad she had the time to meet me because I know how busy she can be with her studies (probably right now she has her nose stuck on books), and now when she got a job which took a lot of effort from her to get it. YAY! I’m happy for her. Do well!


Speaking of Christmas…I was going to come home for Christmas but based on the ticket prizes NOT HAPPENING! I have been struggling with this: I want to go home for Christmas but I can’t. Unless I go on a diet and only eat bread… But the truth is that things always end up to go well even though not the way you would want it to be. I figure something out…hopefully. Or I spent my first Christmas and New Year in London.


Here’s in a nutshell about my life back in London: I feel like I had never left from here once I got back, but then again everything feels new and exciting. Maybe I finally start taking my degree seriously and start studying…tomorrow. Now I go to bed (that’s also something I need to get used to again – late night studies…).

Oh and by the way…I didn’t get the job at Nordic Bakery which I wrote about in Already on the move!. Good night!