How do I like this place so far? Well, at least the WiFi is working properly.

My room is quite small but at least there’s more drawers where to put my stuff. I can still remember how hard it was to get all my stuff somewhere – it was like playing Tetris. Now there’s some space on my desk.


This is my room, pictures were taken the day I’d moved in (as you can see the boxes are laying there, still unpacked).

There’s 6 of us living in the same flat in which we share shower, toilet and kitchen. There’s two showers and toilets.

The kitchen is also our common room, and I’ve finally started to get to know some of my flatmates in there. Our plan was to go tomorrow for sightseeing, will see how it goes.


The hallways are narrow, the floors are covered with carpet. Luckily the kitchen and my room are hardwood floors. Since I’m asthmatic I can’t stand carpet floors because of the dust the carpets gather in.

Every house has their flaws but I think I’ll manage just fine here. It’s nice to live in a place which is 10 minutes away by walking from your university.



The first morning I woke up to this view.