If there’s something I regret for studying in UK instead of being a student in Finnish university, I’ll be missing the fun what there’s in Finnish university life. Sure, we have freshers-parties here, but so does in Finland as well. What upset me was that I won’t be able to attend sitsit

It’s traditional dinner party in Finland and Sweden, and usually held by university students. People eat, have drinks and sing drinking songs – the most known song is Helan går. This party is also quite formal, unless there’s a certain theme to dress accordingly.

Also Finnish university students have these special student jump suits, which I have mentioned on my previous blog post. You wear them in many student parties or events. What’s so special about these jump suits? You add to them badges which we call ‘opiskelijamerkit’ by stitching them to the jump suit. I also wanted ones as well…

Things have changed now: I have been in sitsit in London! And I do have student badges that I have stitched to my university hoodie.

Yes, there actually was sitsit in here, London. I found out about this organization for Finnish student living in England, ISO ry, and they made this happen. The dinner was great, we had lots of fun and lots of drinks – I even had my favorite: salmarishotti.

Every time the waiters came we had to yell ‘poliisi’, because we wasn’t sure if we were allowed to drink our own alcohol