There was a little girl with one wish: To see all the countries in the world and meet the people from different cultures. There was a whisper, asking: “Why, my darling?” The girl answered: “Because I want to understand everyone and value their unique personalities! I want to love people as who they are!”

That probably wasn’t in my mind when I decided to move to London to study psychology, but I have found during my time here that all these people I have met are different and yet some levels similar. What I’m trying to say is that just because there are borders and we come from different backgrounds, we are all one big family of the world. 🙂

This year I have made new friends: my two crazy flatmates, ‘neighbours’. ❤ 😀 We always eat each others cooking and have ‘nutella nights’. Also I think the moon is making us cuckoo, because we are going nuts…Love these girls!

“Hellou! Hellou! How are you? Good, thank you, and you? Good! Oh, really? Really…” 

(Read that with British accent, it’s funny! Not that I have something against British accent…)

All started from one morning, three of us in the kitchen talking to each other. We decided to go for sightseeing. I think what made that day special was Niveen’s adorable child-like excitement all of the places we saw. Of course, I had seen them last year (London: day vs. night) and even Karolina had already seen them, but you don’t get bored…I felt like I had travelled back in time to the day I saw the first time the famous Big Ben and London eye.


Tower Bridge!

Our last point was at St. Paul’s Cathedral before we headed home.

Last week we took a day out to travel to Hyde Park. It was a long way by bus, but we made it there. First thing we saw was a squirrel, and all of us were trying to get a picture of it. Squirrels are cute! ❤ We took a lot of pictures there and were trying make these fabulous poses together.

Squad goals!

‘The chef, the bartender, the salsa dancer’


She just have to climb up there to pose


Who knows what adventures will come to us. I can’t wait!

What I’ve learned during my time in London, it doesn’t matter what kind of backgrounds you come from, you can still become friends – even best friends! I mean, I’m from Finland, Karolina is Lithuanian, and Niveen Syrian…and we are still getting along so well – creating these great memories.


Definitely my favorite photo of us together! ❤ 🙂

I cherish and love that I have met so many people from various cultures, because it DOES open your eyes and makes you see things differently!