I was supposed to make earlier a separate post about my trip to Brighton which was before I flew to Finland for the summer, but since my job has taken all my time and energy that I totally forgot to do this…

BUT know I’m going to step up and keep on doing my blog, because I took a little holiday from work and I went on a road trip in the UK with my friend (the same friend who I also went with to Brighton) to the seaside. That’s why I’m going to put these two trips together and make them into one blog post.

2nd June – Brighton







On our way to find some coffee we found these two carousels – my friend told me to go on the small one…hahah!


He also wanted to take a picture of this… 😀






The view from the Brighton Pier


I had to take a picture of this because we had just seen the newest Pirates of the Caribbean -movie (if you haven’t seen it, go watch it!).

‘Coz there cannot be taken too many pictures of a sunset


We wondered what this would be but I think it is what was used to pull the boats out of the sea to the land…maybe?

I went to dip my legs to the sea to feel how cold it actually was…honestly, it wasn’t that cold as I expected. The waves were just so huge that my dress got wet.



Now this was just amusing…! 🙂


I’m glad I went to Brighton and sure will visit it one day again!

19th July – Plymouth

On our first day of road trip we drove a long way from London to Plymouth where we stayed for the night, and left the next day morning, which is why I didn’t get many pictures from that place. I remember Plymouth for its cute pastel colored houses and steep hills.


20th July – St Ives & Porthcurno

When we left from Plymouth, we headed towards St Ives. At first the weather didn’t look so good but once we arrived there it was sunny and warm at the beach – sure it was a bit windy but the sun kept us warm.


Happy Days


Every road trip you need coffee – a lot

We were heading towards the beach. On our way there was this some sort of gallery, in front of it placed piles of books. I just had to take a photo.



Since we were in Cornwall, we had to try the Cornish pasties.



Seagulls everywhere!

We were sitting by the beach where there was this small rock slide. The ropes of the boats were attached to this chain. There was a little girl sitting next to me who climbed down that slide by using the rope to get to the beach. Me and my friend just stayed there where we were, enjoying the sun and listening the seagulls screaming.


Once we left St Ives we drove to Porthcurno. When we arrived we drove up in the hill to see that amazing view… ❤


“Wait for me!” (I only realized my friend was on this picture when I looked at it on my laptop…)

The cliffs were such a gorgeous sight to see. It reminded me of my childhood when we used sail around islands in Finland. I miss that…



It was really windy up in there.


What I can remember from this trip was that when we were on the countryside the roads were so narrow that only one car could fit in there…it was really tricky to drive there (good thing I wasn’t driving).

I really enjoyed my time on this trip, and definitely do another road trip at some point in my life. This vacation was well spent! 🙂

I made a video on YouTube as well about this trip where you can mostly see St Ives and some roads where we were driving around.