At first I wasn’t sure whether I should come back to Finland or not (I did have booked air plane tickets already to Finland), and when I arrived I just wanted desperately to fly back to London.

Right now I’m sitting at terrace looking at the green environment – grass, bushes, trees – and beyond that the blue water shining by the sun, listening nothing but birds chatting each other echoing in the forest (and my keyboard which I’m typing). Also my uncle’s silly cat trying to get my attention and still leaving when I want to take it to my lap, funny cat this Vili (the cat’s name).

Perfect reminder why I love my country, Finland – the nature! You can’t have that in London, not the same way as here. You can go to parks but we Finns kind of need the forest where you can hide and escape your worries, at least for a while. I can finally feel the peace in my mind.

My summer cottage has always been my safe place. I don’t know how but here all my struggles disappears and I can actually find a solution what ever troubles me. Just like now. This place, the treasure, is something unique you can’t find in London. I’ll be in London anyway real soon, so soon that I don’t even notice the time passing by, and spending another long year there. The time is precious and the time in here, at the summer cottage, is limited. I better make the most out of this summer.

The reason why I should’ve been born on the countryside is because this is where I truly belong – in the nature, in the forest – but my life is elsewhere. I don’t struggle living in the city, but only in the countryside where I can admire the beautiful nature I’m at home – where I can always find shelter when ever I need it.