Here’s the thing, I got my results from London Metropolitan University and I can continue my studies there for the next academic year. YAY! But…I still have a chance to get in to study in Royal Holloway which I’m excited, of course, and confused. I don’t know do I want to continue my studies at London Met or is it Royal Holloway. I know I don’t know yet do I get in to Royal or not, but I still need to start thinking what do I want so I can make the right decision when the time comes.

Also, I should be looking for accommodation but since I’m not sure yet where I’m continuing my studies I can’t decide where to live. Looking for accommodation is stressful. First I need the money to be able to pay the rent, then I need to find a suitable area, which is near my university, and the rent cannot be too high because I’m not rich. I wouldn’t mind either if the accommodation looked nice place to live.

Lots of other things should be done, again! I’m getting that déjà-vu-feeling. It’s like summer 2015 all over again. Even though I’m more experienced and I know what I need to do, still I’m worried till everything is dealt with and done.

That’s how things are going on so far. Can’t wait to move on to the next ‘chapter’.

P.S. Whether I’ll be studying in Royal Holloway or London Met, I’m going to see you on September, my friends. 🙂 (This Brexit isn’t stopping me coming back.)