What has happened so far since the clock turned to midnight, and we said goodbye to 2016 and welcomed 2017?

This year has kept me busy from the start. After I arrived back to London I had three days to finish my assignment: my first practical report. Also there was coming a presentation two weeks after that.

I manage to go through that even though I was nervous and anxious as usual. I still remember the feeling when it was going to be my turn to stand in front of others – heart beat rose very fast, like it was going to explode, hands started sweating and shaking, and my breathing was almost like I was going to have asthma attack. It just happened so fast that I wasn’t able to control it. Yet, I managed to calm myself because I knew I had prepared well (I knew what I need to say) so I wouldn’t have to be afraid of forgetting something, and that’s one of my problems I have with presentations.


The most obvious one with me is eye contact. Every time I look at others and see them looking at me I look away. It’s like a reflex. I don’t like to be the center of others, I’m always the one at the background. It makes me feel like I have done something wrong or embarrassing to people to draw their attention to me. That’s why presentations are hard for me. In the end I did surprisingly well, and I’m glad I went through that.


Flying back and forth London-Helsinki during the last holiday both times it was sunny (my eyes almost got blind from that brightness), and I could see beautiful cotton candy clouds just under the airplane. Photographers dream, I would say.

❤ ❤

Speaking of cotton candy, I had the chance to taste Syrian cotton candy from my flatmate after I’d come back. I call it frozen hair because it does look like one.

I had to admit, tho, it tastes good

This year’s theme seems to be rock and heavy metal. Not long time ago, like a week ago I went to a bar where there was heavy metal night with a Finnish girl who had invited me to go there. I must say I was happily surprised of the music they were playing there. Even though there are rock/heavy metal bars in London, they’re not that good…they’re usually playing some random British (I think) rock music which I’ve never heard of.

Actually it’s hard to find real heavy metal music, mostly because it’s more like hard rock, and the people are like ‘Yeah, heavy metal!!’ and I just do the face palm. If someone knows about real heavy metal it’s a Finn. I would say we have the best heavy metal bands.


Of course, this night wasn’t only a one time thing. One of my dreams, that I thought I’d never could think of coming true, happened: Black Sabbath! I saw Ozzy Osbourne live in London. I know! Still can’t believe it! And this isn’t ending here, since I’m going to (finally!) Avenged Sevenfold’s concert to Finland! Already eagerly waiting for that! But I need to focus on my studies…



There was my team’s first football match of the year last Wednesday. I had to admit I missed football during my holiday. We have been struggling since we lost our coach but we have managed, although we are a bit messy team. I mean, at first we had issues to even get the 11 required players for this game (we got 12).




This was the first time I played the best I can do. What can I say middle midfield is my ‘home’. It just requires lot of running from me, and my asthma doesn’t always allow me to run my fastest pace. Still, I felt like that kid in me who used to love football had reborn.


We won that match 9-0, good way to start the year.

Oh by the way, today is Runeberg’s day in Finland. Runeberg is our national poet, and when we celebrate his day we eat these pastries what we call Runeberg’s tarts.