It’s been almost a month past in the year 2017.

I had a great holiday in Finland, but getting back to the university lifestyle has gone slowly… Right now I don’t have much assignments due (there’s a presentation coming up next week), but I know I should start revising for exams and do my essays on time because I’m going to have a tight schedule during spring – especially on March! So basically this year has started negligently.

My flatmate had had her birthday two days before my arrival to London. I had gotten her a gift. I thought I wanted something Finnish related, and what all of us Finns want? That’s right, Iittala! A Finnish brand of many kind of design such as the one I got as a gift: Kastehelmi candle holder (kastehelmi means a dew pearl), because I know she loves candles. ;)<3


Here’s a picture of Kastehelmi candle holders – Aren’t those beautiful?

I have also treated myself with materialistic stuff…a lot. Even today I went to Finnish church for second hand sale, and well…I got carried away.


Every Finn also desires for Moomin (Muumit) themed stuff -like I found this Little My (Pikky Myy) mug. Little My happens to be my favorite character from Moomin. I love how she’s so tiny energetic troublemaker who thinks things can be solved by hitting them with a frying pan.


I have always wanted myself a japanese style kimono/morning coat, and now I finally found one, only for £3!! ❤ I remember my grandma having a coat like that, and I just wanted it to be mine…



I always seek for books in second hand sales


I also got these two books as a Christmas present

Continuing with a Fantastic Beasts theme, when I was shopping in Finland I found this T-shirt:



“How ’bout a magic trick?”

Only because Joker is my favorite criminal, and there’s no better Joker than Heath Ledger…

Also I have become a collector of mugs. The white one with a ‘poem’ is from Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode in which there were creatures called Gentlemen making everyone mute and stealing people’s hearts… I also have Game of Thrones themed mug, and Harry Potter mug which changes after you pour hot water into it (so cool!). The blue mug has written “I may live in England, but my heart belongs to Leijonat” that definitely shows my enthusiasm for ice hockey.

Today also finally arrived this F.R.I.E.N.D.S. themed shirt:

“You’re my lobster” ❤

“Dress like RACHEL. Clean like MONICA. Flirt like JOEY. Geek like ROSS. Sing like PHOEBE. Joke like CHANDLER.”

Last but not least, this perfect poster for our flat’s kitchen: