Kaamos. I think I suffer from kaamos even though I’m not in Finland right now, and it’s not as dark as it is there. We Finns say we suffer from kaamos meaning that we get depressed because there’s no sun, no light during the day. My city is in the south so there’s still possibility of sun during the daytime (can’t imagine how people in the north handle it without any sun at all in winter…) but still when it gets so dark so early it’s hard to stay in a positive mood.

At the moment I’m looking outside and the sun is shining, but I’m stuck inside. Me and my friends in the flat say that every time we need to study it’s a sunny day, and we should be outside enjoying it but no, we need to study…

Also the amount of studying I need to do is freaking me out. “Welcome to university!” I can’t help it that I need to work more than others because of this stupid dyslexia. Sometimes I think it just would be more easier…and yet, not really. Everyone has to do a lot of effort to their studies to manage in university. Still, I wish I could write my assignments as smoothly and easily as my blog. Don’t you just hate that when you get stuck with writing even though you need to finish your coursework? I know right…

I really need a holiday! But oh wait, here’s the fun part of university: even when you’re on a vacation you need to study – like I have to. Here’s the thing, there’s only two weeks left and I need to finish two assignments (a portfolio and an essay) before Christmas holiday. I also have a report to write but because I’m already doing two other courseworks at the same time, I can’t finish it before Christmas. The report still needs to be done two days after I come back from Finland from the vacation, which is why I have no choice but to do it during my holiday. I know I have an extended deadline for my assignments, but I don’t want to delay it for too long because there’s going to be assignments after that I need start doing, and I rather finish them on time. Yeah, no wonder I’m feeling down and depressed. My neck and shoulders are constantly in tense because of this stress – I even had to go to a massage to ease the pain.

Oxford Street Christmas lights!

Covent Garden

If there’s anything positive to be said, it is that it’s finally December and soon there’ll be Christmas! I love Christmas – not because of the presents but because of the food and Christmas lights – for me it means to be with the family enjoying time with loved ones. I even made today breakfast for my dear flatmates that I’m used to have on Christmas – rice pudding (riisipuuro) with some mulled wine (glögi) to drink and for dessert Finnish Christmas pastries (joulutortut).


Usually we put some sugar and cinnamon to the rise pudding, and drink the mulled wine with almonds and raisins


My flatmate bought these lights to our kitchen! ❤

Wish me luck, because I’m going to need it – a lot!