That’s what everyone keeps telling you when you go to university…and it’s true. When you join societies or sport clubs or get involved in anyway to be a part of the university, it gives you a great opportunity to socialize with other people and make new friends. But it doesn’t mean you should join all of them. Just do what you like, what are your interests, and use the opportunity to do something what you like to do.




I’m now in my university’s football team. I just decided that I would give it a chance, since it’s long when I last time played football. After my first training I knew this is what I would want to do.

I love our team, and damn what a KEEPER we have!

Two weeks ago we had our first football match of the BUCS season against King’s College University – WE WON!

I can’t remember when I’ve had my legs been aching that much. Probably because some girl from King’s kicked me with her metal stud boots. Man that hurt after all that adrenaline was gone… I walked like my granma for couple of days, hahah! 😀 The price of winning.

Like everyone, we are not perfect. We had our first loss of the game against Imperial College this week. We still have work to do, but our team is going to show what we are capable of. We haven’t shown our best yet!

We are going to win this season!