Saturday 28th of May we had a BBQ with one of our friend’s house. Laura was willing to be our hostess. We also had planned a little surprise for our friend, Liz, whose birthday is actually in three weeks but since some of us are leaving we wanted to give her something whilst still being in London.


After all my exams were over I was starting to realize that…it’s going to be summer! I’ve always loved the summer, my favorite season of the year, but now I understand that it’s the Finnish summer which I love. Even though I haven’t experienced summer in anywhere else, I still feel the summer in Finland is the best. I miss it so much! I talked about this with my friends, and now I tell you why I adore it.

I think the best way to experience summer is to go to countryside to see it as its best. Some may say it’s filled with mosquitoes but that is part of the summer and you just accept it or miss the beauty what the nature can bring you.

I remember when we used to in my childhood grow strawberries, onions and peas, but they didn’t survive. Now we grow blackcurrants (mustaherukka) at our frontyard and red berries (punaviinimarja) at our backyard.



Red berries

Of course fresh strawberries are the best in summer, but especially in Finland I love it when you can have fresh potatoes (uudet perunat).

The nature brings out its best part during summer. Listening the birds singing, surrounded by green, watching by the lake the sunset at night-time. It feels like the sun never goes down, and you could stay up all night. The water is warm that you can swim the whole day! Even in the city there are beaches where you can go, some of them are very popular such as ‘Hietsu’ Hietaniemen ranta in Helsinki. Our largest beach is Kalajoen ranta which is known for its popular event: Kalajoen juhannus (Kalajoki midsummer).


Although I love more the summer in the countryside, even in the city you can have a wonderful summer. The very famous kesäterassit (summer terrace) opens, meaning you can drink your beer outside getting all out of the sun. Having picnics in the park, right in the central of Helsinki. You can wear dresses, skirts, T-shirts, shorts etc. And what is summer without ice cream!

To really understand what I’m saying is to experience it yourself.

Back to the Saturday. Yes, we decided to have a BBQ and enjoy each others company before some of us leave. That made me realize how much I’ve missed a good BBQ. Just thinking of my family enjoying BBQ in the summer cottage… Anyway, the BBQ was great idea. I even found from my church some quality Finnish sausage. I almost ate the whole pack myself (me: 2 ½ sausage, Jamil: 1, Laura: ½). It was fun to grill again. 🙂


Hot day

We had burgers which our hostess prepared, and it was delicious! Beef was perfectly cooked, not raw, and the cheese was melted nicely on the beef. There was also snacks, vegetables to dip in hummus, salad, bread, and Liz as vegetarian she ate veggie sausages and zucchini (kesäkurpitsa). Oh yeah, there was chicken as well! …Of course, we had beer.


BBQ Group

Our hostess was happy!

From left to right: Yasser, me with my Ramones-shirt \m/, Laura, Jamil, Christy

Ny rillataa!

As mentioned before we had a surprise for Liz as for her birthday. We had a chocolate cake, and there was a birthday card in which we write our wishes to her. Laura played ‘Happy birthday’-song while I brought the cake outside. The wind almost blow the candles off (reminds me of one other birthday surprise…)


As the night went dark, there became light!

There was also some of Laura’s friends, and one of our friend who lives in Warwick, Sheikh, arrived later that evening. He was suppose to be at my birthday party, but since he wasn’t he gave me his birthday present to me now. It was lovely blue scarf which I wore around my head whilst going back home. I was Arabic girl!

I’ll be missing these wonderful friends of mine. This year has gone so fast, quicker than I expected. Most of us graduate and only few will stay in London. Maybe we see each other some day, hopefully soon, after we head in our own ways with new adventures in mind. But for now I just have to wait till I get back to London on September to see my dear friends. Then we will see what the future bring with us. Do we ever see each other again? Maybe, maybe not. I hope to keep in touch with them, where ever they will be.

Bus trip with Arabic – kopio

On our way home – Don’t I look like Arabian?

* * *

I have experienced a lot in London! Even though I’ve always wished to travel, I have to admit I was a bit (maybe even more) scared when I realized I’m going to another country – alone. It made it easier when I knew there would be others, even from more far countries than mine, who I’d meet and we would be experiencing London together. Yet, sometimes you have to go through some struggles by yourself; can’t rely on others all the time. Those times you feel you’re going to give up anytime soon…but I’m hard-head girl who finish things when I decide! Even my parents knew I’d be alright. After all I’m Finnish, and every Finn has in them the famous sisu which makes us go through even the toughest times in our lives.

I’ve learned new things and grown as a person, seen things in a different perspective. I look at this year with joy. I never thought I’d gain so much as I have! I’m so glad I made the decision to come to London! But…every journey has to come to an end. Still, it has been a wonderful journey. Thanks for everyone being part of it!

See you on September! 🙂

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