It’s exactly two years from my graduation! And now my brother is going to graduate this Saturday! …I won’t be there that day, unfortunately. I know, I’m a bad sister. (To be honest, I’ve never been really acted as a role model like older siblings should.) I was the ‘book smart’ who went to high school, and my brother is more practical. Studying from books and learning from them is for him the mission impossible. Which is why he went to vocational school – to become electrician. It suited him for the best and he has done well during his three years of studying and practicing.

31st of May 2014 is the best day I’ve experienced so far. It was my graduation day. I was nervous, that I can remember. My parents and my brother were there at the ceremony. I knew this was going to take long so I already felt sorry for my dad and brother. My brother was kinda forced to come because he’s part of the family. My father has never liked these ‘end of the year -school celebrations’ because they take so long, but because it meant so much to him (maybe even more then to me) that I was graduating from high school, so he had to attend to the ceremony. After all I was the first of the family of Simi to graduate from high school.

Before we went to the ceremony, I had to wake up early to get my hair and make up done for my graduation photos. It took almost an hour, and I hurried back to help with decoration so we would be on time at the ceremony. My mum was filming this whole event which made me even more nervous, because I didn’t want anything embarrassing to be recorded from this day.

I had a white dress, strapless, with a corset as upper part, and the ‘skirt’ of the dress: short in front showing my legs and behind it was long, covered with lace. It was so long that even though I was wearing my blue wedge heels with raised bottoms (why an earth I chose such a difficult shoes to walk with?), the dress still reached the ground. I was worried I might step on the dress or fell because of the shoes.

11136284_419881128190216_5323078694995032375_oEveryone joked that my dress looked like a wedding dress…not getting married for a looong time

Yet, everything went fine…there were couple close ones like my dress got stuck on the chair when I was suppose to get up, but I managed that quickly, and I almost dropped the graduation hat when my teacher was giving it to me whilst me ‘smiling’, looking at her to shake her hand (our school had hired a professional photographer to take a picture of everyone receiving their graduation hat from their teachers…like I wasn’t already tense enough).

We had, I think, 11 groups and each of those students went in front of the audience to first receive their certificates from our vice-rector, then walk towards their teacher to receive their graduation hat. Then another group of students enters in front of the audience, and another, and another…till everyone has received their graduation hats and gone back to their seats.

When it’s time to put our graduation hats on we turn to look at the audience. I was so happy at the moment that I even raised my hand to cheer the day. I think I was the only one doing that but who cares! I graduated!

“Gaudeamus igitur” Graduates sing this song in Latin

It was a long ceremony, even longer day. We had dance and music performances. There was the speech of the principal, and there’s always one of the students graduating that day giving a speech to other graduates. Only way to make it through all that was to think it was my day, my graduation. I could have not been anymore happier when it was over. Of course we took some pictures with our friends, and all of the graduates was taken a photo together.

SMS (2)

Then the hosting began. My aunt and her family (excluding one of my cousins) were there, my grandparents (including grandpa’s partner), my uncle, and my mother’s uncle with his wife. The day was nice, no rain, actually quite sunny all day.

Ruusut (2)

Of course, in the evening the real party started when I went out with my friends. That night was unforgettable, and it was fun be a part of all the other people wearing their white graduation hats (the central of Helsinki was full of them). Too bad that night couldn’t last forever, but it’s still the best!

Now you have learned a lot from Finnish high school life referring to my earlier post about the prom and penkkaritHigh School Rendezvous. Graduating from high school has been considered more valued then vocational school. I think it’s because you can enter university and get a higher degree, but practical skills are also important. Not everyone can get PhD, we need those who can work with their hands. That’s what my brother can do!

He has already gotten himself a job starting next Monday till he needs to go to the army. Sometimes I can’t understand how old he has became.

Congratulation brother!