My first year in university is finally over. No more lectures, exams or lab experiments. Even though a week ago my exams were done, I still had couple of experiments to do in the laboratory, and now it’s over!

I still have 2 weeks left before I leave London for summer. A lot has happened this year.

Let’s start from the beginning.

I met lots of new friends from different cultures. We have had fun time together! Partying, picnics, sightseeing…just hanging out.


“What? I’m hungry!”


When these two girls finally met…Zee and CC


Our first birthday party in London!

Left to right: Lizette ‘Liz’, Serhat, Jaishaal (birthday boy), Christene ‘CC’, Christy ‘Zee’, Jamil, Binit (Sid’s Indian friend), Siddhant ‘Sid’


“Boys love princesses”


Comic con! 😀


I have experienced ‘Winter Wonderland’, the amusement park on winter!

Left to right: Jamil, me, Yasser, Laura, Maud

When I came back to London after Christmas holiday, there was Lumiere.

Beautiful lights!

Take a look at this video from Lumiere -> “Dancing dolls


Thanks to my French friend, Sonia, I had the chance to attend to my very first opera. She was playing the violin during the opera. It was an interesting experience. Thank you Sonia for this opportunity! Opera: check!

We also had more birthday parties, just before my Easter vacation we celebrated Laura’s (Spanish) birthday…twice!

First we had Spanish dinner at her accommodation.

Laura's birthday dinner

If you can spot it, there’s on the table next to me some chocolate, which is made by Finnish company Fazer, and my friends fell in love it. Even with the flavour of pop corn! Score for Finland! Fazer knows how to make good chocolate (my favorite: Fazerin sininen).


Spanish food! Yum!

Laura's birthday cake

Then we surprised her another day with a birthday cake, me holding it, Yasser in front and Laura, the birthday girl at the back – There was also our Brazilian friend, Jamil, but he ‘avoided’ the picture. Laura was quite surprised when we came with the birthday cake. She had no clue! Her birthday: success!

Soon after that it was my birthday, and there happened to be an event at the Ministry of Sound a day before my official birthday so we decided to have my birthday party then. We were partying first at my friends accommodation before we went to the club. Even I got a cake!

I loved it! Thanks again guys!

Mun synttärit 21vee

As you may see my hairstyle changed after Easter break, but I wasn’t the only one with a new look

Just few days after that it was time to celebrate Finnish May Day. That part of my culture is something that I have to experience every year, no matter where I am.

Vappupiknik (1)

Two of my friends were able to attend with me to ‘vappupiknik’ – a week before the official day

31st of May my church was celebrating vappu. Decorated with balloons and paper streamers. Even I was covered with it. I enjoyd good grill food, and for dessert there was sima and doughnuts. Of course, in the evening I went out to party. I mean, what is vappu without a proper celebration? As I saw pictures of my friends in Finland about the day, I wish I had been there. After all, Finns know how to party.

Every one of us have been busy for the last few weeks doing assignments, dissertations and preparing for exams. There was a movie that premiered in UK after my birthday but I haven’t been able to see it because of those stressful times of studying…till now! I just saw few hours ago Captain America Civil War. Totally worth watching! Awesome!

As you may already know we, Finns, are mad what comes to ice hockey. IIHF tournament of men started 6th of May and this Sunday is the finals. So far we have won every single match – even Canada! I was at pub, Famous Three King ‘Kolme kunkkuu‘, following the match and already prepared to loose to Canada. It’s CANADA! They’re not impossible to win as we proved again but…you don’t win Canada every day. It was so fun to watch when all Finns cheered just getting the puck to our team. Imagine our reactions when we made a goal, and another, and another…4-0!

Semifinals are this Saturday, and we are against…Russia. I can only hope for the best… Let this song show what Leijonat (Lions) can do!

Taivas varjele!

5 years ago, 2011, we won Russia in the semifinals (in the end winning gold that year) where Mikael Granlund made this memorable goal which we call ilmaveivi.

What makes this tournament special is that we have already won gold in under 18-year-olds and under 20-year-olds for the year meaning that if we won the third one, we make history!

Torilla tavataan!