Woodford (4)

“I think I’m in a fairytale right now.”

My Dutch friend invited us to her place, to Woodford. I found a whole new side of London. I admit, I’m jealous to my friend for living in there, even though it’s a bit far from the central London.

It felt like we were in a old British cottage where people go to run away from the city – a quick get-away to us.

Woodford (5)

We went outside to see her ‘backyard’. I was at home!

Woodford (1)

This is a golf-court 

Woodford (3)

These trees we call in Finnish ‘koivu’

Woodford (2)

I would want to explore that forest!

One of my friends, Turkish, was so amazed of the area that he had to take pictures, a lots of them. Can’t blame him, it was astonishing! All thanks to my Dutch friend for taking us there.

The house was definitely old, reminded me of my family cottage with a twist of British style. There were small yard both in front of the house and behind. We went there, and we saw there a small pond with orange fishes. We fed them with tiny colourful pellets. Wouldn’t thought that my friend actually lives in a place like this.

The culmination of the night was my friend’s cooking: risotto and a Dutch treat, with wine and beer.

Thank you again, Liz!