It’s Friday the 13th, my brother is nineteen.

I don’t believe in bad luck on Friday the 13th. I mean, today we were boiling copper sulfate in the lab, and no body got hurt. So far so good. 🙂

Because my brother is a huge Chelsea fan I ordered a snapback with a Chelsea logo on it. It arrived just before his birthday, so my mum hide it to give it to him today. He seemed to like it since I got a whatsapp message saying ‘thank you very much for the snapback’.

Happy birthday again, little brother (even though you’re not so little anymore…).

Everyone who has sibling(s) knows how difficult they can be. They are also the ones who you spend the most of your time with. At least when you’re kid. When we grow older we spend less time with them.

He’s only two years younger than me so we have been close, literally. I had to share my room with my brother till I moved to London. Imagine the anticipation of moving out!

Always fighting making our parents mad. We have always been competitive trying to win each other – sometimes it has gotten quite aggressive competing (don’t play monopoly, or any other games with your siblings!). We had ‘calm’ down since those days but…we still wrestle sometimes (hate to admit it, but usually my brother wins).

Because I had to share my room with my brother, I have learnt to do some compromises with others. Also I can share my room with others without feeling uncomfortable. I think it would be more weird for me to live alone – at least it would take some time to get used to it. Sharing a room with someone isn’t of course a piece of cake. You need to get along with them even if you didn’t agree with everything.

I was lucky to have Mahso as my roommate. We have quite a lot in common which is why we get along so well. It’s good to have a roommate who understands you, especially in this small room. Every time I go to the fridge, which is next to Mahso’s study desk, she needs to move her chair so I can fit through. And when Mahso wants go to the bathroom or throw the trash away, I need to move my chair to make space. We live in a tiny room. At least we have our own bathroom.

I can still remember the first day, when she arrived. She was wondering is this the right room (because it was supposed to be a bunk bed room, but it’s not). When we introduced ourselves she thought that I didn’t hear her name correctly. Why? She thought I said sorry, when I said my name, Sari (people have mistaken to pronounce my name as Sorry…). I wondered a while why she had said her name again after I said mine till I find out why. Although I’m also one to blame to get confused by her name; I called her couple of times Mohsa till I got it right.

What are the pros and cons of having a roommate when you’re a student?


  • You can have a friend.
  • You don’t feel lonely.
  • You can share your thoughts and feelings with them.
  • They understand your struggles of studying.
  • Personally: Because of my roommate’s motivating studying I have been able to succeed with my studies.


  • You might not get along with them (at least you can try, though…), which makes your living difficult (worst case you need to move to another accommodation).
  • You live with their schedule: you wake up all the time to your roommates alarm, even though you could still be sleeping.
  • If your roommates likes to party a lot…”Don’t you need to study sometimes?!”
  • There’s not much privacy
  • You’re roommate can be a serial killer (…it can be possible…okay, maybe not though).

I’m not sure yet, but I think I’ll be living next year in a single room. Let’s see how my plans go.

I’m happy that I got to know Mahso as my roommate. Hopefully we see each other some day when we’re not living together anymore.