That feeling when you finish your last exams before summer…how does it feel? Seriously, I don’t feel anything – except tired. I could sleep like a week! I think even that’s not enough to catch up all the hours of sleep I could have used instead of staying up studying or just stressing so much that I wasn’t able to fall asleep. Actually it feels kind of weird because now I have time to do anything but I just don’t know what. Everyone seems to be still busy with their studies, preparing for their dissertations, assignments and exams. Even my roommate has exams till June. Good luck!

For few days there was an abnormal weather in London. Sunshine and warmth! I mean, it was really WARM. It was hard to stay inside when you knew how great the weather was outside.

Also, our room became hot. It’s hard to sleep at night and even during the day is uncomfortable. Had to have a cold shower couple of times to cool myself. But, of course, it didn’t last long and it was hot again. And yes, all the windows are open, not helping!

To take something out of the good weather before it disappears, I decided to go out once last Sunday to study at the Regent’s Park. Well, I didn’t study at all because my friends from university where there for picnic and I joined with them. Now, the weather has come back to normal. Yesterday the rain started and today it has been raining the whole day. I hope the sun comes back before I’ll leave from London so I can actually enjoy it, and make myself believe those days spent with studying inside even though I could have been outside was totally worth it.


Monday morning I was studying at the university’s courtyard

I’m glad the exams are over…and yet I don’t feel that happy as expected. Now when the exams are over, waiting for the results begin. There’s always something to worry about…but to be honest, I think all the energy for studying has exhausted me that is hard to jump and scream of the joy of freedom. Being a student is never easy and every year it gets harder and harder. Maybe if I’ll get some proper good night sleep so that I can wake up tomorrow energized, I’m able to understand how great it’s to be free from this study desk. Or maybe not tomorrow, maybe if I’ll sleep an entire week straight I’m like a whole new person. Good night!