This week I came back again to London. Travelling between Espoo (my city in Finland) and London has made me confused. Every time I fly to either Finland or London it feels like I’m changing a different “mask” on. My life is different in both countries, not just because of different cultures. I have shaped myself a Londoner who takes a break in Finland.

Here I’m a student with responsibilities, in Finland I’m my brother’s sister who he can annoy all the time (not without a fight, tho). I’m my parents’ daughter who they can spoil by just giving me home made food (and tell lame jokes…). In Finland I don’t feel responsibilities on me, but either I don’t have the spirit for adventures.


During my Easter break, I remember travelling by bus to home and it felt weird. Where are the double-decker buses! I’m used to go to the upper deck whilst travelling by bus in London because you can see so much better up there. What else is different? Well, the traffic is less insane in Finland. There’s less cars in Mannerheimintie during rush hour than in London! In Finland (most) people know how to dress properly for the weather, but in London…I still remember when I first went for running around Regent’s Park and all I saw was other runners wearing nothing but shorts and T-shirts/sport tops. I was wearing a hoodie and sweat pants and still felt the cold autumn wind on my body. Don’t these people get cold, or at least worry catching the flue?!

What I usually do in Finland I just chill at home, eat and sleep or hang out with my friends. Here all I can think of is food, especially while I’m studying. If there’s food for free like someone has left-overs I eat it. Being a student in a university is all about thinking of food, honestly. If your telling otherwise you’re lying.

Piccadilly Circus (1)

I’ve noticed that I’m usually rude at the underground. Sometimes you just have to be. Going through King’s Cross St. Pancras station every  morning to university can be too much for your nerves. “Out of my way!” (Hint: Avoid Central line as much as possible, especially during rush hour!) Also, I’m starting to become comfortable with strangers talking to me. That’s not an easy task to a Finn.

I love living in London because it’s a huge city to explore. It makes a life exciting when you find something new. What makes this city even better because it’s full of people from different countries. This city gives opportunities to learn new things and get out of your comfort zone.

There’s still less than two months to enjoy my time in London till I fly to Finland again. I already bought the tickets.