…Still couple of months to go till my first year in university ends. YAY! Only two months of studying left.

Holiday is always a good way to “charge your batteries”. But the truth is, it’s not easy to start studying again after that. At the moment I don’t feel like reading books and sitting at my desk writing essays…but now I believe I can survive for this semester with good grades. I think it doesn’t feel so stressful anymore – at least not as much as the last couple of weeks before Easter break.

And yet, I wish it was already summer, even though my summer is going to be working at my local amusement park in Finland. Third year in a row in Linnanmäki. Some may think it’s a dream job because it’s an AMUSEMENT PARK, but customer service is never a piece of cake. Especially in an amusement park! There’s lots of responsibilities, and you still need to serve the customers the best way you can to make them happy. The good things working at Linnanmäki is that there’s lots of people near your age working there with you so you get along pretty well, and the employee benefits. Awesome!

What have I been doing during my holiday? Well, of course I have seen my friends and relaxed at home. The reason I decided to spend my vacation in Finland was that I needed to go to job training sessions. It was nice to meet familiar faces (like coming back to school after summer). Even though mostly everything was the same thing what every year is told, there were some things that came more clear now and was useful to know. Anyway, it’s done now, and as we, lintsiläiset, say: “Mäellä tavataan!” (“The hill we’ll meet!”, because the amusement park is located on a hill).

Tomorrow I’ll fly back to London. I already missed that city, and I can’t wait meet my friends there again…and my upcoming birthdays at the end of this month!

Also I have a new haircut and haircolour! 🙂


Cool, huh?