There has been a lot of going on in the news about Brexit/the referendum –  even in my country. Social media has also played its part as a discussion board for people to share their opinions of should Britain stay in EU or not.

If there’s someone who doesn’t know what is this all about, it’s about the referendum of British citizen voting Britain to stay in EU or vote against this on June. I really can’t answer to this question because I’m not fully aware of all the benefits and disadvantages if Britain leaves from the EU. And I’m meaning by this that I can’t know what is the view of the British people. I’m not telling them to stay in the EU because it would make my life more easier then if the Brexit comes true. I’m not the citizen of Britain who has lived her whole life in here to be able to understand this why it’s happening. I mean, I have only lived in London almost half of a year.

I’m not so good at all talking about politics because I really don’t bother myself of taking an interest about it. Personally I have always tried to ignore it because all I can see politicians talking nonsense. When it appears that politicians are making major decisions that will affect your life and the future you start to pay attention…and like even less about politics!

Even in my country has been discussed about leaving from the EU and taking markka (the currency we used to have before euro) back. That was during my high school times, and I remember we used to talk about this during class and seriously debating of leaving the EU. Now in my country has been too worried about refugees and incidents what there has been with them – also the new budget cut plans have appeared again, and as a student it doesn’t look so good to me.

I have never liked that much of our politicians, but this…it seems like everyone who aren’t rich are taken a lot of money: students, single parents, the retired…but of course our politicians are allowed to keep their salary and holidays! In my position as a student there has been planned to cut money from students 70 million euros till 2019 and then 80 million euros even more – 150 million euros taken away from student’s financial aid (opintotuki) forcing us to take more loan which would mean (correct if I’m wrong) more debt. Here’s the news about student budget cuts in Finland: HS.

I wanted to bring this up as well because I feel like I’m in the middle of two very unpleasant situations:

  1. The situation of being a student from Finland and how will I manage
  2.  The situation of what will happen to me as a European student staying in the UK

Think about this: if Britain says goodbye to the European Union, does this mean that Europeans become international people. I can only tell how this will look from my site as a student, but I’m aware it doesn’t look so good for the others, who live and work in the UK, as well. First, I would have to apply for a visa which probably isn’t that hard to get but still it’s a change to deal with. What I’m most concerned of is funding my education. International students have to pay their tuition fees to be able to study in a British university. European citizens has the privilege to gain a loan for this which means we don’t have to start paying the fees during our studies – only after when we are graduated and employed we start to pay the loan back.

My annual tuition fee payment is £9,000. I don’t have that kind of money for every year! Also I would need money to cover my accommodation expenses, and that isn’t cheap: I have spent almost all of my student loan (which is guaranteed by Finnish government) just to pay the rent for 42 weeks (from September to June). I did have some savings before I moved to London but now all that is gone. Living a life in London is expensive, and I have needed to buy myself all new stuff for living (e.g. kitchen supplies).

You may wonder why I moved to London in the first place if it’s so expensive to live here. I guess I’m a bit crazy and my unquenchable ‘thirst’ of an adventure brought me here. Also I was confident to manage if only I had my tuition fees covered by the UK government and enough financial aid to help me live in London.

You are lucky who have parents to pay for your living. I don’t. I do have parents but they are struggling enough to get food every day. It’s not even possible for me to ask them to pay my living and top of that the tuition fees if it will come to that point. I have worked and saved all the money to get to this point. It have at least taught me not to take money for granted which is why I always think what do I really need and what can I leave in the store.

Dear Britain, please think VERY carefully before you vote for/against EU. I might not be able to come back to your beautiful country to get myself educated.