Yesterday was Valentine’s day as I presume everyone noticed it. I’m not trying to sound cynical or jealous but I’m glad this day is only once a year.

Let me tell you first about the history behind the purpose of the day, if you don’t already know it. Saint Valentine consecrated couples who weren’t allowed to get married in their time, and because of this what Valentine did he was killed which is why we have Valentine’s day – to celebrate Saint Valentine and how he sacrificed himself for love.

In Finland Valentine’s day is called ‘ystävänpäivä’ which means Friend’s day. What we basically do, at least in my childhood, we decorate cards (or if your lazy, buy one from a store), write there ‘hyvää ystävänpäivää!’ and give these cards to our friends. Not going to deny that there’s not always some competition who will get the most of cards or who will get the ‘best’ decorated one. Very romantic, huh? Post office is always happy near 14th of February.

I’m not saying there should be a Valentine’s day. After all it’s all about love, right? It’s just that people seems to focus on more getting gifts: chocolate, flowers, teddy bears etc. It’s nice to remember your love-one with something special, but Valentine’s day isn’t just that. Love cannot be taken for granted which why Valentine’s day should remind us how much we really care for each other, not just boy/girlfriends, husband and wives, but those others as well whose are close to our heart. Even my mum sent me a box full of heart-shaped cookies which are covered with strawberry. Yummy!

Now I have grown older to see a different view about Valentine’s day (love, not just friends) and a different world: Britain. London is a huge city where there is a lot of couples. You cannot miss them. Especially now when we have social media. Everywhere: facebook, instagram, snapchat,… You can see videos and pictures themed by Valentine’s day. I’m fine about those that people post a photo of them with their boy/girlfriend (actually I find them quite cute), but I’m starting to get a bit sick of these lame videos ‘when you’re the only one without a valentine’. First you find them funny, but then I started thinking – even though I enjoy my life being single – why do you make me feel bad about being single. Don’t get too mad about this, I just want you to see the other side of the coin. There’s nothing to be ashamed of being single, actually for me it’s quite relaxing to be ‘free’.  If I find someone then I’m glad! But for now I “stick to as single”. Anyway someone might actually feel really bad about these kind of videos/pictures even though you shouldn’t think that your life is miserable just because you don’t have a valentine on Valentine’s day. I mean, your single every other day as well till you find yourself someone. And the truth is we all will find someone to love in time. Be patient! And keep your eyes open, just in case…

There’s a bit of my thoughts. Like I mentioned, it’s good that this day is only once a year. People get sometimes way too excited about Valentine’s day that I don’t know should I laugh or feel scared. Still, a day that is meant to celebrate love…how could you feel bad about that?

Now I have another year to look for myself a valentine!