I’m back! …Like two weeks ago. How there can be so much schoolwork to do right after the holiday? Right after I arrived to London I had to start working: assignments, exams…I still have one exam this weeks Wednesday before I can have short break from freaking out that I have left everything to the last minute.

Of course I haven’t been busy just because of drowning under a pile of books, but I have decided to apply to other universities starting next years autumn semester. Because my first year of studies in London Met is a Foundation year (“preparation” year) I can choose to continue my studies in London Met on a degree in which I would like to graduate (psychology), or if it’s possible I’ll be accepted to some other university where I can start studying my degree of psychology.

Some may wonder why I have been “wasting” my time and money for this year. Well, first of all I’m not the smartest one so this year of studies might give me a better chances to get to another university where is higher standards to get in. I’m not saying London Met sucks, I actually enjoy studying here, but then I heard we can apply to other universities so why not even try. Who knows do I still continue my studies in London Met even if I was accepted to another university. We’ll see.

I’m not “the sharpest pencil in the pencil case”. One of the reasons is that I have dyslexia. Dyslexia means in my case that I read and write slowly – more than the average – I struggle remembering stuff and it’s hard for me to understand information that I obtain from my surrounding environment. It’s annoying and sometimes embarrassing when I have to ask many times what people say to me because it’s takes time for me to process it and I don’t always hear clearly what people are saying, especially if they aren’t speaking my native language: Finnish. I bring this up because I have been trying to get a solution with my university how to deal with my dyslexia.

I went to a test last year in my university where it was shown that I have the symptoms of dyslexia. Basically I have been allowed special arrangements which ends in February, but I need an official diagnose from a proper psychologist to be able maintain those arrangements. I was suppose to go to the diagnostic test but because I didn’t get financial help for the test (apparently only UK citizens are allowed for this fund), I’m not afford to take the test. I’m not sure do we get some solution to this, but till then I need to survive on my own. I wish I would  be able to have some kind of arrangements to ease my studying because I’m already struggling, and it’s only getting more difficult through the years. But as I have always done to get to this point: “Work hard to keep up with others, work harder to achieve your goals.”

Even though the life of a student is busy and stressful almost every single day, I still haven’t left opportunities to be taken. During my holiday I heard that my university’s Green society needed a treasurer and they were asking me for this position. Here I am! I’m the treasurer of Green society now! I’m quite excited and nervous at the same time… There is already a lot of projects going on and I just jumped in the middle of this. “Never say no to a challenge.”

To be honest I’m happy to be a part of the society. After all we are trying to tackle environmental issues. We only have one planet, and yet we are wasting so much energy. I’m not saying everyone should shut down the lights now, but at least consider how to decrease their carbon footprint. Just a thought: Don’t use the car when you can walk or use a bike (get exercise at the same time). I wouldn’t say I’m fanatic about recycling, but I come from Finland where there is such a beautiful nature to enjoy and relax. I love going to a forest because it’s the place where I can run away from all the negativity in the world. I can actually breath. I don’t want that to disappear.

“Home is where the heart is”, and my heart is “lying under a big pine tree”.

Quite a hustle of two weeks it has been, and probably it’s only getting way more busier. Life is full of surprises and challenges. It keeps me running towards new experiences. Like I have to move to another room for a week because my accommodation staff wants to paint our rooms. Great! Let’s start packing!