3 weeks has gone fast. Holiday is over soon and I’ll be flying back to London. To be honest, I have been kind of missing my life in London.

Christmas was the greatest. We visit as usual on 23th at the graves of my grandparents, and on Christmas Eve we could enjoy Christmas food and sauna. Then we opened gifts. Grandma had made warm socks for the whole family as always (those became useful after Christmas…). I got for my brother a Chelsea scarf (from London), huge Chelsea fan as he is after all.

Christmas Day we went to see my grandma and uncle. Uncle had got a cat, named Vili. Cute little black cat which runs every single corner. That cat is fast. It was fun to play with it. And again we went to sauna. On Boxing Day we were visiting grandpa’s house for Christmas dinner. I was so full after that, I couldn’t have eaten a one little bite anymore.

Before I had arrived to home I knew it had been very warm winter so far: +10 degrees daily. That wasn’t normal during December. I had given up hope for snow and a little frost to keep the snow on the ground. My friends in London had wished for me to “bring” snow with me when I come back, and I just laughed. “Only a miracle could bring snow!” …and it did! When we arrived back home from grandpa’s house it was snowing and soon the ground was covered with white “blanket”. First I thought it wouldn’t stay for long so I was just happy to see some little bit of snow. Next morning I knew…winter had arrived.

I inspired to take some pictures of my snowy hoods

It is even more snow now, actually today was snowing again. Soon it became colder…and colder and colder. Last night it was -29 degrees. So COLD! Never wish for cold if you can’t take it.

What about New Year? Nothing much to tell…I was partying with my two good friends, Mira and Suvi. We were at Suvi’s new home. It was big, and there were a lot of people. My phone almost exploded for all of those “Happy New Year!”-messages…some even called. Thanks! During the night we decided to go a bar where one of our old friend was. Luckily my friend’s sister took us home at the end of night. It was freezing!

Basically the rest of my holiday has been gone seeing my friends and following ice hockey. There was IIHF‘s under 20 year old’s World Championship in Finland. I have never followed such a thrilling tournament. There were times when it seemed there was no hope for Finnish ice hockey team, the junior Lions (we call our ice hockey team Lions, and because this was under 20 year old’s tournament: junior Lions), but then somehow we just arise to victory. Most thrilling match was of course the finals. Yes, Finland went all the way to the finals, and guess who we were up against: Russia. Hopefully no Russians are reading this because we WON! Finnish Lions won Russians! …But it was close that Russians would’ve taken the victory.

Thank you Kasperi Kapanen for making the victory goal!


When Finland wins gold in ice hockey we go to a square next day after the finals to meet the Lions with the trophy, as we say it: “Torilla tavataan!”

Den Glider In is our winning song in ice hockey which we “took” away from Sweden, when we had won them in 1995, and we have sing this song ever since. Now we also sing Poika saunoo, which tells about the trophy coming home, Finland, and going to sauna. Where else would we take it? We are Finnish after all. It’s good to be Finnish!

Suomi on uusi maailmanmestari! Hei! Maailmanmestari! Hei! Maailmanmestari!