…and enjoy your holidays! Some of my friends have already gone back home for Christmas, and some will stay in London. Even I’ll be soon flying to home.

Tomorrow will be my last lectures for the year and I can start packing my stuff here. I’m so excited! Not just because I can’t wait to see all my friends and family in Finland, it has been the most stressful times I never had. And it’s just the beginning…But I also have had a great time in London.

I did miss home for a while during November but it helped when there was the Scandinavian Christmas market near Finnish church. I had the chance to drink Finnish mulled wine which I had been desired for a quite while. Nothing is more better than Finnish mulled wine!

InstagramCapture_f2401aba-db2c-47b5-be66-241373e0560b[1] Nice and warm

I kind of felt like I was at home because there were so many things relating to my country. I was there with another Finnish girl who is going to be on a same flight as me. We saw there boxes full of Finnish candies. I felt like a child again buying candy at some of my local stores. Also we bought BIG Finnish Christmas pastries, and I found as well big box filled with gingerbread. I just had to buy it. It really made me feel like Christmas was already arrived.


One weekend I finally decided to go with some of my friends to Winter Wonderland! It was awesome, all the lights were so beautiful and there were all these cool rides. We actually went to one and I wish I could go again.

DSC_0409 This ride was crazy!

6th of December was a special day for me as Finn. Why? Because that’s my country’s Independence Day. I was just planning to go to my church for Independence Day Mass but I heard after that there were other events going on that day.

First we ate reindeer stew with mash potatoes and lingonberry jam. I ate it a lot. Also there was ryebread. Ryebread! When you can’t find anywhere ryebread…well, you can imagine how I felt. For desert there was cloudberry cake and oh boy, it was so sweet. That lunch was worth of the money I paid for. You don’t get the chance to eat something so special every day, and after all it was Independence Day.

When I think of Independence Day it comes to my mind that we can watch The Unknown Soldier based on a story which tells the war of Finland and Russia during World War II, and Linnan juhlat in which veterans (who are still alive), politicians, diplomats, and the reason why Finns watch the show: the famous people who are invited by the president. And of course we like to watch it because we want to see those beautiful dresses and judge the ugly ones (rood, I know). It is such a long time to follow people shaking president’s hand and yet, we still watch it.

In the church we were able to follow the show, but we also had the chance to sing Finnish Christmas carols. I’m glad I went to the mass. It’s not so sad when you actually feel like you’re celebrating the Independence Day. It’s the day that bring light to the dark days of winter.


After that I had to focus on my studies. Everyone was busy. And yet we were still able to (finally) join together for dinner. Before we came to London there was a plan to meet and eat different kinds of food that somehow relates to our country. It was a failure…till thanks to my Dutch friend, we had our own Christmas dinner where we had made food and desert. I had made Finnish Christmas pastries (joulutorttu), and I brought gingerbread (pipari) too.


This is what the pastries usually look like

Also there was for desert this delicious chocolate sweet speculaarstaart (hopefully I write it correctly) from the Dutch girl.


Doesn’t this look delicious?

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There were lots of food, and I actually felt like my stomach was going to explode.


Lots of chicken with naan bread (Indian and Pakistani), also noodles with chicken-fish sauce made by my Indonesian friend and Spanish dish: empanada.

Merry Christmas and see you all next year!