It’s Halloween!! “Trick or treat”

Time when kids go out to get candy wearing their cute costumes, and adults wear costumes to go party and get wasted.

Sometimes it’s good have a break from everything and go crazy. I have been busy with my studies as you can see my lack of blogging. Inspiration is hard to achieve when your nose is stuck on books. I guess that is the life of being a student in the university.

My life isn’t all about studying even though my butt hurts from sitting all the time of studying. I have my first tests coming so I’m trying my best to be a good student (staying up till 2 am…). I have actually taken a part in my university being a StAR (Student Academic Representative). What I do is that I represent other student of my course (Sciences Extended Degree). If there is any issues or ideas concerning the education of the course or university, as a StAR I can inform about these to Course Leader and other academic staff helping to improve my university. Cool, huh! Well, at least I’m excited about this because I can be actively part of my university and my Students’ Union.

And you thought I was going to tell you some scary story because it’s Halloween?… Well, sorry about that. Life isn’t perfect. Being a student in LondonMet is part of my life. I’m just starting to get interested about my course. I thought it would be hard and painful (I have postgraduate friends, not complaining anymore…), but I actually get quite useful knowledge and I already have information in my head about these modules to understand these quite well, for now… What do I actually study? Basically my goal is to have a degree in psychology, but I also study biology, biochemistry and scientific studies which includes math and lab work. Can’t wait to do science in our lab! Hopefully I won’t explode it…

LondonMet (1)My university’s library

Sometimes I feel like this is a nightmare and I wish to woke up soon…but it’s normal to feel anxious about your studies. Especially in the beginning when everything is new and you’re still learning how to find your way out of the university (Holloway campus is a BIG maze). “You’re all stuck in here forever! You shall never get out of this school!” Not really, but sometimes it can feel like that…

LondonMet (2)London Metropolitan University

Saved the best one for last. Who likes comic books? Anime, manga? Costumes?…Anyone? Like I already mentioned, life isn’t all about studying, so I also…have been…at…Comic Con! Those, who doesn’t know what Comic Con is, can skip this (just kidding!). Comic Con is a huge event where you can wear costumes which is also known as cosplay. There are also lots about video games, board games, movies, anime, comic books…sounds kind of like a “geek” stuff but I wouldn’t call it like that. I have a life and still love these kinds of things. Like my friend, who was with me at the Comic Con, said: “I’m going to feel like a kid again!” It’s okay to let your inner child out sometimes because it’s fun! I mean who wants to wait a whole year to wear some awesome costume?! There are many Comic Cons during the year…Halloween is just once a year…


“I’m Groot”


Steampunk outfits, SAO videogame

DSC_0237 DSC_0241

You can see these kind of costumes!!!


Do you recognize these?


Happy Halloween!!