“What’s the actual meaning of being an adult?”

Why am I bringing this up? Isn’t this blog about travelling? Yes, I write about travelling and everything what I discover on my journeys: now I have started to realize what it’s to be an independent adult. This is important to understand when you want to see new countries you don’t know about. It’s a big world out there, waiting, still it’s not just about having fun…

1. You do EVERYTHING by yourself!

No time for laziness! Now you have to do everything what use to be your mom’s job. Cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, doing laundry…even if you had slept only two hours feeling you’re never going to be able get up from bed, you just have to. Things won’t happen by itself. That’s the price of becoming independent…sometimes I just feel like I have no time for myself.

2. Groceries takes all your money

Want to go for shopping? Buy some cute shirts and lovely new shoes? …In your dreams! When you’re responsible for buying anything to yourself you can’t even think of buying new clothes, you’re going to get yourself some groceries to live. When I was living with my parents I didn’t think of how much money I’m allow to spend this month. Not regretting anything what I wanted to buy. Now…chance of going for shopping is somewhere far far away in the future.

3. Nothing is going the way you want

We all must have that certain phase when you want more then anything to move away from home because then there are no parents saying what you can do and (most of the time) can’t do, and you decide what ever you want to do. Except, that’s not the truth. There are so many responsibilities to fulfill that you can’t always go the way you want. You’re an adult now! Think wisely what you’re going to do with your life because mom and dad won’t be there to help you anymore. You need to figure it out yourself how you want your future to be, then you can start thinking of how to get there and work even harder. After all it’s your life, how you want to use it?

Now when everyone is freaking out of adulthood, and probably wants to be like Peter Pan and never grow up…breath for a second and relax. Yeah, of course it’s a lot of responsibility to be an adult but think of it as an opportunity to learn and understand more. I have been in London exactly one month now! I’m glad I decided to come here…it has already been an unforgettable experience with a lot of emotions and growing mentally. I understand now even more how much effort my parents have done for me. I thank for them for teaching me to be a better person…and more. Now it’s world’s turn to be my guide and educate me. You just need to be brave and take the step. You don’t want to regret anything.

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