Here’s what to expect when you’re in a new country as a student.


Everybody knows how hard it’s for student to manage their money. Basically you have to pay your rent, money goes for travelling, food…but when you’re in new country (alone) so you need lots of new things for living, for example kitchen equipment. You start to wonder where all this money goes. Partying? Just need to survive one week and I (finally) get money for another month to live. Basically I have spent £300… Yeah, still need to work on my budget.


When you get to London to study start to make appointments (bank, GP) as soon as possible, because otherwise it might take long time, like me with registration to medical centre which is in November. Make sure before your arrival what you need to do and find out can you do anything online – you can apply online a bank account to Barclays. Be fast!


I just looked at my school timetable… What the h*ll was I thinking when I chose this course (Sciences Extended Degree)? Tuesdays Biology, Wednesdays Biochemistry, Fridays Scientific studies and Psychology (why Fridays are always the longest school days?). I don’t know if someone might think that’s not bad but for me…well, let just say I’m starting to get a little anxious how am I going to manage studying all these subjects. Forget free time! It’s time to study!


It can be very stressful (for me at least) to get yourself a bank account. It won’t be easy I can tell you…I applied online for student account and booked appointment but I missed it so I needed go to a branch to get another appointment. I was lucky that they still had appointments in such a early date because some of my friends have to wait till November their appointment. I got e-mail which said I needed proof of my ID (passport), a proof that I’m a student (UCAS letter, enrolment letter) and proof of my UK address. I went to the bank but they said my UCAS letter and the statement of my residency in ISH wasn’t good enough proof to open account. The woman who looked at my papers told me if I get today from my school a confirmation letter, which is told my course, time of my studies and my term time address here in the UK with university’s logo, stamp and a signature, then it should be fine to open account. I went to my school fast as I could to get it and headed back to the bank. Because my course starts with Foundation year they only put one year of studies to the confirmation letter…you can’t open the student bank account with just one year of studies. Luckily the woman who help me before understood it would take too long to apply another bank account and make new appointment, she opened me a regular bank account then I can apply again next year to open the student bank account (if the school give me a letter where it can be seen that my studies ends in year 2019, otherwise I go mad). Thank you for the woman helping me to get a bank account!

So here’s what I have learned so far during my time in London…