Amigos de toda vida…friends for life. Hopefully I wrote it right in Spanish because I have studied Spanish but it has been quite long time for me since I have spoken Spanish.

Today it’s all about friendship! Without any friends and their support you wouldn’t survive all the struggles which come to all of our lives, many times. Even though we try to be strong and solve our problems alone, friends are always there for you. You might not know it at the time but they are always there.

I have been a week here in London. From the beginning I have been struggling but I have solve them and moved on because of my great new friends who have been there for me to make a smile on my face. Otherwise I would be lying on my hall’s bed crying and probably thinking of buying airplane tickets to back home. It’s a big world to concur and I’m taking it one day at the time.

One thing about these crazy friends is that they are so obsessed of my hair and BLUE eyes… At my first night in London we went to SOHO for a club and my Malaysian friend, Ken, saw my eyes. “You have blue eyes!” I understand that in Asia it’s not common to have blue eyes but it can’t be that HUGE thing…

SOHO night!


KC was sleepy…

Camden Town

I have tried to teach Finnish to some of my friends. One of them, Indian who we call KC, has been very keen to learn Finnish. Also my Spanish friend, Laura, has started to teach Spanish to others. It has been fun to hear when they try to speak Finnish/Spanish.


Here I try to teach to Ken a Finnish lyrics of Taiteilijaelämää

We were yesterday at Hyde Park for picnic, and I took my roommate with me. We had lots of fun! Afterwards we went to continue our night at KC’s and Mallik’s (who is also Indian) place near Bayswater station which isn’t far from Hyde Park.

Laura made us this Spanish drink: terrible wine with coca-cola… Yeah it doesn’t sound good. I can drink it but not my favorite. I don’t mix wine with anything else.

IMG-20150920-WA0003 KC’s room filled with craziness!

Today I start my fresher parties…Superfresh! Joker! Lets see what mad things are going to happen.

Finnish song about London kids who are bored and don’t know what to do…and what it’s the life like in Pihtipudas