Here I am at London!

…sorry that I haven’t wrote anything until now because it’s has been busy times. Shopping, get to know London, partying!…and making my computer work.

Yeah, when I arrived to London and finally get to my accommodation I wasn’t able to access to Wi-Fi. I got panicked and messed up my computer. Only because I don’t know how to read…Seriously! My dyslexia is killing me one day because this situation really gave me a bad headache and almost a hearth-attack. All that really was wrong was a wrong password…but now it seems to work just fine. Some one might think can somebody be that stupid. No, I’m not stupid, I’m an idiot.

WP_20150912_004 WP_20150912_005

At the airport ready to fly to London!

Views from the window of the airplane, my country Finland

WP_20150912_006 WP_20150912_007 WP_20150912_012

It has been five days since I arrived to London. Thank god my friend picked me (and found me) from the airport. I’m not sure if I would have managed by myself to the accommodation. I got myself a seven days travel-card at the airport so I can travel as much as I like in seven days. Still waiting for my Student Oyster Card.

The underground isn’t that hard to understand. Actually it’s quite easy when you know where you need to go. There are maps at the station so you can see where the tube lines are going. After you have checked which line(s) you have to go, just get through the port with your travel-card and move on to follow the signs that shows where your line is going to be leaving. Then you need to choose which platform you need to go. There are simple signs where you can see which are the next stations after your station. And then just wait for the tube and get in!

My room is quite small but I can live in this. I also have a roommate who arrived yesterday. She’s from Pakistan.

Now it’s starting to be like a normal weather in here: raining. It’s raining all the time and sometimes it goes even worse…


This a view from my room where you can see in the upper picture (taken on my arrival date) the sun is shining but in the lower picture (taken today) it’s raining…

I have usually been moving around at Oxford Street for shopping but I have also seen SOHO, and we went one night to a pub in Camden Town where had pretty good music \,,/ (and Iron Maiden beer!).

DSC_0081DSC_0084 DSC_0085 DSC_0086 DSC_0087 DSC_0088 DSC_0092 DSC_0094

Pictures from Oxford Street. Shopping time!

I think there’s about all for today…I’m so tired now and my brains are going so slow, just like the connection here is VERY slow!! I would like to watch movies one day but I don’t know if it’s going to work…

Goodnight! Hyvää yötä (in Finnish)!