This week has been really hectic…and NOW everything is starting to explode out of me. Frustration, excitement, nervousness, anxiety, you name it! There are so many emotions going on that I don’t know what I feel exactly.

I’ve been preparing what I need to take with me to London. That was harder then I thought. I had to give up on most of my items but amazingly I was able to take the ones I really needed and wanted to take with me. I was considering to send some via air mail to my hall but I guess I don’t have to – I can leave them here.

Tomorrow I should be in London (and I want to be there already!) so I went to take photos of my hoods to have memories…


DSC_0071 Läkkitori


Shopping mall, Sello, where teenagers hang out


Today I’ll go out to see two of my good friends for lunch. I have known them since high school and they have become very close to me. Without them I wouldn’t have survived from the struggles of high school life. We actually became close at the end of high school. Before that we only saw each other at school.

Over a year has gone by from our graduation of high school. I can’t imagine how overwhelming enjoyment that day was to me and to my friends. The best day of my life!…So far…

SMS (2)SMS (1)

From the left: me, Mira & Suvi – I’m going to miss these gorgeous girls…

Time seems to fly by so fast sometimes, and that’s why you should enjoy your life every single day. I haven’t started crying yet, but I think it’ll hit me when I truly realize I won’t be able to see my friends and family every time I want.