1 week…only 1 week left till to my flight to London. Next Saturday at 9 am I should be in London.

I have waited this for so long and I’m almost there, at last. Finally I can have an adventure! Should I be worried? I’m moving to a country which I don’t know…but I’m not alone. I think most importantly I have to work on my budget. Lot of money has gone already but I had saved a lot for this purpose. This is my dream coming true.

My parents are taking this quite well. Actually my mum is more then thrilled that I see the world. I guess she’s just proud that her daughter is going to study in London. My dad is more neutral about this. He’s happy but not excited. He just keep asking me do I get nervous about this. “Are you nervous? Nervous? Are you sure you aren’t nervous?” I’m not sure but I think I’m not nervous or thrilled either because I still can’t believe that I’m actually moving to London.

No, I haven’t start packing yet. This weekend is all about relaxing. I still need to buy my medicines and think what I’m taking to London.

Finland: wet, dark, cold…and I’m going to see the same in London. I just read in the news there is snow in Birmingham. Please, no snow to London! Not now! When it’s winter then the snow can come.

I bought myself a new camera to get good pictures in London. I have been practicing with it.


Me, the photographer

When I get in to that plane then I might finally become emotional…because there’s no turning back then. I’m actually going to London.

To be honest, I just want to go there RIGHT NOW and leave this place. Sure I’m going to miss my home, my family and friends here in Finland, but I’ve been living this same house 20 years…Don’t you think, too, it’s time to change the view

I’m going to miss this place…