When I started this group chat in Facebook I never imagined how huge this was going to be for us all

Everybody know how easy it’s today to connect with people. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Thanks to social media people are more aware what is happening all of our lives. Everything is public these days. Without Facebook I wouldn’t have found these awesome people who I can’t wait to meet in London.

Lets start from the beginning. One of the groups (for international students who are coming to London) there was someone’s posts about arranging a meeting when we all arrive to London. I commented on that and started thinking…how can we organize this so that everyone knows where and when to meet?? I suggest to create a group to plan meetings. And from there long story short…BANG! I created a group chat, so everyone who was interested (not really everyone because there was so MANY people…) to meet, could join there to know all plans. We have come up with couple of plans but…to be honest mostly it’s just chit-chat.

Still, there was a long way to become international family. It’s has been a quite fun ride. A lot of jokes, craziness, supporting each other, even a little friendly fights…and a lot more has happened in that group. I’m glad for making this group.

Funny thing about these guys is that they want to travel to so many places (me too)…and we aren’t even arrived to London yet!

*  *  *

Anyway, we are all going to meet lots of new people during time in London. After all there are many events to come where to meet up. First there are freshers. Party, drinking, hangovers! …Also costumes. I’m especially excited about superfresh. There you can go dressed up as a superhero. Although I’m going there as a villain.

joker heath ledger dark knight

I’m going as Joker! Reason why I want to be Joker is because…well, what can I say? I’m a little crazy like Joker is. Also because I have green hair. BUT there is a problem now: My hair is turning back to blue!!

…Just a little frustrated. What am I suppose to do? Be Joker with blue hair?

Things don’t always go as you planned. If I want to be Joker then I’ll be Joker! I have always gone with my own ways and I won’t change that now. Nothing is ever perfect. If somebody wonders at the party why am I Joker with blue and green hair, well, let just say life isn’t fair.