Moving to London for four years is BIG change…which is why I need to be prepared well. Today I have been able to get myself an insurance for travelling and for my luggage. It wasn’t cheap but at least I have it now for a year. I used our family’s insurance company Fennia. Also earlier I went to a doctor to discuss about my asthma. Because I’m moving to London I needed a statement in English where is explained my condition of asthma. Hopefully everything will work out in London, and I’ll get medicines there.

…What else I have done today?…Oh right! I went to Elisa to talk about my phone’s operator. I still have my phone number but after I fly to London, I don’t have to pay any extra, only when I call or text to someone (which I won’t do).

After I’m in London I’ll get a new SIM card. I have been thinking to get giffgaff. It’s cheap and you can easily order it online so I don’t have to wonder around the city to find a shop where to buy it.

This has been a long summer. Finding accommodation and managing myself Tuition Fee Loan. Those weren’t easy tasks. Thanks to my university they have list of accommodations (halls of residence, private rented accommodation, home-stays etc.) in their website.You can contact the university if you need help for searching accommodation or even if you need someone to see a flat to know if it’s a proper residence to get. In the end I found a hall located near a park (which is perfect because I love to go outside).

Getting myself Tuition Fee Loan I needed to find a form to fill so I could send it via air-mail (only UK-resident can apply online). After that I also needed my passport to be notarized to prove my identity. I sent those papers and waited their answer. Approximately two weeks after I had sent the mail I received a letter where there was my customer reference number and password to access to my account online. I was able to see there that my application was accepted. Two weeks later I got a letter where there was officially told about my acceptance. All I have to do is to show that letter at enrolment so they can verify my presence at the school, and Student Finances can start to pay my tuition fees to the university. Perfect!

Also because I’m not UK-resident I wasn’t access to have Maintenance Loan which would have been helpful for living. To my fortunate I get now financial aid for students from KELA. I’m also access to student loan guaranteed by Finnish government.

A lot of things has been done…I think I only need to notify Finnish register office that I’m moving to London temporarily because of my studies and maybe then I’m done. Of course I need to pack my backs but that’s later…