I never knew there was so many meanings for my name, Sari. I have known that in India it’s a dress, but I’m also a nectar in Indonesia AND in Turkey I’m yellow. Can you believe this? Who knows if there is any other meanings for name.

“Rakkaalla lapsella on monta nimeä.”

I don’t know what is the exact idiom in English but it means: Dear child has many names.

Before I fly to London I was thinking of telling about my home country, Finland. Everybody knows Finland of its nature: forests and lakes. “The land of thousand lakes.” I have learned to love Finland because of its beautiful forests. I just love to go outside to get some fresh air.

But to be honest, Finland should be called as the land of four seasons in one day. This summer has been excellent example of it. One day, I remember I was at work that day (I worked at my local amusement park which is why I was outside), there was sunshine, then suddenly it was windy and started raining. Then again sky was clear. Later that day sky turned into darkness and I heard thunder coming closer. Then it started to hail. Soon lightnings came and I heard a loud noise of thunder. Lightning had hit in the middle of the amusement park. It didn’t take too long when sun cleared the sky.

So you know now what Finland can be like, but what about Finns… All who has read my earlier post knows already Finns are crazy about ice hockey. We have won two gold medals in ice hockey, and at the finals there was both times Sweden against us. Sweden has always been our rival. We are like siblings: we fight all the time but we love each other.

Now you know two things: 1. We worship ice hockey 2. We love even more battle against Sweden – and win of course. But…what kind of people are Finns? Well, stereotype of us is that we are quiet and unsocial. True and NOT. We maybe aren’t as social as others but we do still want to get to know new people. Yes, we don’t like to talk to stranger and yes, we try to avoid sitting next to a stranger on a bus. We don’t ask people about their private lives unless it’s your best friend who you’re talking to. Maybe I could say these days it’s so much more easier to talk to people, even for Finns. Thanks to social media like Facebook and Twitter it’s easier to meet new people and get to know them. Of course, the way you truly get to know people is to meet them face to face. We are friendly people who aren’t quiet…all the time.

What we do have is sisu! It doesn’t have English translation, but it means we are tough and “menemme läpi vaikka harmaan kiven” (we go through even a grey stone when there’s a will there’s a way)

At the end of this post I want to tell you about sauna. It’s traditional for Finns to go to sauna. Sauna is a hot house where you can go with…well EVERYONE. Almost every house in Finland have sauna – even at gyms and public swimming pools. You throw some water to a heater so it starts to get warmer. And oh yes! You go there as naked. Finns don’t care who do you go with to sauna, even if you’re naked…but usually in public places there are saunas for women and men separately.

Here’s a picture what sauna looks like inside

I think there’s enough information about Finland and Finns. Today should be last day of sunshine and warm weather. Tomorrow should be raining and cold (summer is over…). Have to enjoy this before it goes away. Let see how I adapt for London’s weather.

Because I love rock music, here’s for you two songs of Finnish bands: Hurriganes and Hanoi Rocks