This is my first blog ever…and I decided to write this because I’m moving to LONDON!

Let me introduce myself first. I’m Finnish girl and I’m 20 years old, born 27th of April 1995. Year 1995 was great for Finns because we won our first gold in ice hockey, YAY! If there is something to know about Finns is that we are mad for ice hockey, me included. I really do like sports (the excitement that your team might win is thrilling), and I do boxing. Usually when I tell this, people step back.. Honestly I don’t support violence, just to defense yourself if someone is attacking you. I don’t box because I want to kick someone’s ass. I do it because I love to exercise and in boxing you put your whole body to work.

Enough about that…why I’m moving to London? I have been given a great opportunity to study an undergraduate degree in sciences at London Metropolitan University. It wasn’t easy road to go through. Luckily I had help. Thanks to Kilroy Finland I had lots of information about universities and how to apply. They helped me through the process and even sent all needed papers translated to English to the universities which I applied. At the end I chose London Met.

I have already been able to get a chance to know all kinds of people who are also coming to London. We have been getting close, and we are not even in London yet. I believe we’ll become good friends and I can’t wait to meet them!

I think this music settles well for the ending…